Located in the Atami, one of famous hot spring resorts in Japan and just 50 minutes away from Tokyo by shinkansen!



About the guest rooms

Are there the guest rooms which equipped private open-air bath ?
All of our guest rooms have private open-air bath in each rooms.
Is it possible to stay alone ?
Yes. We welcome your reservation from 1 parson.
How many people can stay in the room maximum ?
We have the room maximum for 4 people.
Is it possible to stay as a group such as company trip ?
Yes. We will be able to fit your circumstance as much as we can. Please feel free to ask further information.
We are small group. Can we stay ?
Yes, we prepare several rooms for you.
The individual dining room is available for a group. (maximum 6 people)
Can I stay with our pet together ?
No. We are very sorry all the rooms are not allowed to stay with pets.
Could you please explain the equipment and amenity in each rooms ?
All the equipment and amenities are prepared below.

TV, Telephone, Fridge, Kettle, Tea set

Hair dryer, Body soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face towel, Bath towel, Hand towel,
Yukata (informal cotton kimono), Haori (short coat for formal kimono), Tooth brush and paste
Can you accept credit card ?
Yes. VISA, JCB, American Express, Diner's Club and Master are available.
It must be paid in a lump sum.
Are there the guest rooms which equipped beds ?
Yes. There are beds in the guest rooms 'Yugao', 'Kiritsubo' and 'Ukifune'.
I can't be patient smoking smell. Are there any non-smoking rooms ?
Yes. The room 'Ukifune' is non-smoking.
Is internet available ?
Yes. Wi-Fi is available in each room and library area. It is possible to access it through your personal computers, tablets or smart phones.

About cuisine

Is it possible to have dinner at the private room ?
Yes. We have 2 private rooms in our dining room.
One of them is the counter dining which is half hidden and another one is the table dining which is completely for private use.
What time is dinner and breakfast ?
Dinner is served at 6pm or 7pm, and breakfast is served at 8am or 9am.
Could it be possible only to stay without meals or without dinner ?
We are sorry that we currently do not have the plan without meals.
We have the plan which you can stay only with breakfast.
※ It depends on seasons, therefore, we strongly advise you to contact us in advance for further information.
Do you have optional meals ?
Yes. We always prepare them. Please feel free to ask the further information as the menu is changeable each season.
Can we order the optional meals after our arriving ?
When you make a reservation please kindly inform us you may want to order optional meals and we will get it back to you if it is possible, as it is sometimes required advance booking due to seasonal menu.
I have some meals and ingredients I cannot eat. Could it be possible to ask some changes for my meal ?
Yes. Please freely inform us in advance and we will replace something else as much as possible we can.
We would like to have only lunch at your hotel without staying. Is it possible ?
No. We are afraid that we are currently unable to accept it.
We will arrive very late….
The latest time for dinner is at 7:00pm.
Also, we ask guests who stay without dinner to check-in before 10pm.
Please let us know in advance, if you arrive after 6pm.

About hot spring

Is there open-air bath ?
Yes. There is open-air bath in each room.
Is the bath in each room Onsen (hot spring) ?
Yes. All the open-air baths are natural hot spring and Gensen Kakenagashi (water comes directly from the hot spring source).
Is the Onsen (hot spring) Gensen Kakenagashi (water comes directly from the hot spring source) ?
Yes. They are all Gensen Kakenagashi (water comes directly from the hot spring source).
Is there any public baths for all the guests ?
No. We do not have them but there is the inside Onsen (hot spring) for private use.


What time is the check-in and check-out ?
Check-in is from 3pm to 10pm. Check-out is before 11am.
We sincerely would like to ask you to let us know in advance if your arrival time is after 6pm.
Is there a car parking ?
Yes. However, it is located in our neighborhood.
Due to this, please kindly understand that we will take care of your car on behalf of you as soon as you arrive at our hotel.
Is there any spaces we can drink alcohol ?
Yes. You can drink them at our counter dining where you have dinner.
Do you have massage service ?
Yes. It is required advance reservation. Please kindly contact our front desk.
Can I purchase souvenirs ?
Yes. There is the souvenir shop which has original products in our hotel.
We hope you will enjoy shopping in there.
Do we need to tip ?
No. All the service charge is included.
When should I inform you if I would like to cancel the reservation ?
How much is the cancellation fee ?
We appreciate if you could let us know as soon as possible. The cancellation fee is as flows;
On the day of check-in date : 100%
The previous day of check-in date 50%
2~5 days before check-in date: 20%
Click here more detail; http://www.kazekomichi.jp/terms/ (Japanese only)
I have little children. Do you especially have the fee for children to stay ?
We are sorry to inform you that we do not accept the reservation for the children under 12 years old.
I would like to send our luggage by courier before I arrive.
Yes. Please send it to us introducing the booking name and the date of check-in on the label.
Can I have massage service in my room ?
Yes. It will be served in your room. Please kindly reserve it with our front desk on the day.
I'm thinking to prepare the gift for birthday, anniversary etc. Is it possible ?
Yes, we will be able to support you.
Please be noted that it is required advance reservation and additional fee for cake, flowers or any gifts.
Is internet available ?
Yes. Wi-Fi is available in each room and library area. It is possible to access it through your personal computers, tablets or smart phones.
When I arrive before check-in time could I ask you to leave our luggage first ?
Yes. Please feel free to ask it to our front desk and we will be happy to look after your luggage even before check-in.
When you would like to leave your car to go sightseeing before check-in,
please kindly make sure to let our front desk know about it.
Is it possible to do early check-in before 3pm ?
We completely close the hotel after all the guests check-out every day unless we have the guests who stay more than 1 night.
This is for cleaning and being ready for new guests.
Therefore, we may not be able to provide full service due to less staffs in front desk.
We sincerely appreciate if you could adjust the time to arrive after 3pm.
I would like to stay for 2 nights and just relax at the room whole day on our 2nd day.
Of course, you can. Please enjoy your own time at your room.
I make the reservation and someone else is going to stay under my name.
How can I make the payment on behalf of him/her ?
When you make the reservation please kindly let us know about it with the detail.
We are going to send the invoice to you and please kindly make bank transfer till 3 days before your reservation.
Will the consumption tax be added when I pay ?
The consumption tax is already included in the price.
On the other hand, we will invoice you hot spring tax 150JPY each separately.
I'm using wheel chair. Could it be possible to stay in your hotel ?
We are afraid that there is no elevator in our hotel.
Due to this, it is necessary you will take stairs and it may be very inconvenient.
Do you have free pick-up service from Atami station ?
Yes. We have pick-up service from Atami station and Kinomiya station.
Please kindly let us know it if you would like to take the service as well as arrival time.
We may be arriving very late. Could it be still possible to ask pick-up service ?
Our pick-up service is available between 2:45pm and 6pm.
If you arrive after 6pm, we are afraid to ask you to take a taxi.
How long does it take from Atami station to your hotel by a car ?
Around 10 minutes. If you take a taxi, the fare will be 1500JPY more or less.