Creative full course kaiseki cuisine strictly cooked by artisan chefs
using fresh food from land and sea distinctive of the Izu area in Japan

The cuisine you enjoy at Atami Onsen WAtei Kazekomichi is the creative kaiseki cuisine,
and uses natural Amagi deep water collected by the master chef himself and makes optimal use of the best features of the ingredients.
From local fish caught that morning to meat, vegetables, and hard-to-find highly valued sake, you can enjoy seasonal, carefully selected authentic flavors.


Dinner menu (Example)

Hashiduke (Starter) Tomato boiled with honey
Wanmono (Soup-type Appetizer) Pike conger's soup
Otsukuri / Sashimi Sea eel and 3 assorted Sashimi
Yakimono-Hassun / Grilled Dish Grilled sweetfish from Karino river, Fig with sesame creamy cheese, Smoked chicken, Horse mackerel sushi. Grape Tempura
Nimono / Simmered dish Pasted pumpkin
Shiizakana / Cooked Dish Grilled Japanese black Wagyu beef with salad
Shokuji / Rice Rice (Yumepirika),
Akadashi / Miso soup,
Kounomono / Pickles,
Small fish simmered with soy and sugar
Dessert Maccha Panna cotta with sugared beans

Breakfast menu (Example)

Steamed egg custard with urchin roe
Seasonal salad
Red bream simmered with soy sauce and sugar
Assorted 5 side dishes:
- Beef Shigureni (Cooked in soy sauce and mirin)
- Grilled squid finished with egg yolk
- Stew of cubed tuna
- Broiled salmon
- Lightly deep-fried eggplant
Rice (Yumegokochi)
Seaweed miso soup
Seasonal fruit and yogurt