Located in the Atami, one of famous hot spring resorts in Japan and just 50 minutes away from Tokyo by shinkansen!



Creative full course kaiseki cuisine strictly cooked by artisan chefs using fresh food from land and sea distinctive of the Izu area in Japan

The cuisine you enjoy at Atami Onsen WAtei Kazekomichi is creative
kaiseki cuisine, and uses natural Amagi deep water collected by
the master chef himself and makes optimal use of
the best features of the ingredients.
You can fully enjoy your meals through all five senses with the carefully
selected tableware and the seasonal colors, scents, and textures.

You are sure to be able to taste the careful dedication the moment
you bite into each food. From local fish caught that morning to meat, vegetables,
and hard-to-find highly valued sake, you can enjoy seasonal, carefully selected authentic flavors.

Tagawa chef

The head Chef Tagawa

Guests can enjoy sashimi of fresh fish locally caught that morning in Izu Peninsula. I periodically go out to collect Amagi deep water and use this premium water to cook rice, which is available for both dinner and breakfast.

Using the most of great local ingredients, I strive to devise ways to not only create good flavors but visually appealing dishes so you can have an enjoyable meal. I sincerely look forward to meeting you.