Located in the Atami, one of famous hot spring resorts in Japan and just 50 minutes away from Tokyo by shinkansen!



The lounge

The lounge that looks out over Sagami Bay

We are nestled in a quiet area on a hill a small distance away from central Atami. When you cross the entrance, you will first be greeted by the vast Sagami Bay. This superb view of mountains and sea is uncommon even in Atami, and you can enjoy it here day or night.
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In-room open-air baths

In-room open-air baths where you can be awed by the sun rising from the sea

At Atami Onsen WAtei Kazekomichi, all guest rooms have pure natural hot spring water. You can have a sweeping view of Hatsushima, an island in Sagami Bay, as well as the streets of Atami. After dark, you can see the twinkling night view. In addition, you can even enjoy the annual Atami Waterfront Fireworks Festival while soaking in the bath.
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selected furnishings

Private spaces with selected furnishings

Furnishings differ depending on the guest room, and each has a characteristic style. Those with an interest in art can enjoy the paintings and hanging scrolls by famous artists that are displayed in the lounge and hallways in addition to guestrooms.
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Creative full course kaiseki cuisine

Creative full course kaiseki cuisine cooked with fresh food from the land and sea

The kaiseki meals make use of plenty of ingredients carefully selected by the head chef, such as fish caught that morning from Kawana Harbor in nearby Ito City and vegetables grown on the vast soil of Izu. With careful attention given not only to taste but also to the tableware and arrangements, you can enjoy your meal with all five senses.
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Comfortable service with the customer's feelings in mind

Atami Onsen WAtei Kazekomichi strives for the highest quality in hospitality 'Omotenashi'. We focus on the kind of communication with guests that is not possible at larger-scale hotels, and all staff members are always attentive so that we can provide care in ways that may not necessarily be visible. We wish to help you spend time to relax on your precious holiday with us, and we all look forward to seeing and serving you.